We are currently developing specific products that can complement our manufacturing by providing a 360 ° service that can best integrate the functionality of all systems. Our production philosophy will find more space in the future so you can be direct referrals in your purchases by offering you more and more solutions.

Iride Zhenit Solar Cleaner

Iride Ever Fix

Iride Fast Grip

  • High adhesion drive-over coating

Iride reflect white

Iride AL.I.BIT.

Iride Active Primer



Iride Water Joint

  • Iride Waterstop hydroexpansiven joints are complementary to a foundation water sealing system.
    Increasing your volume up to 5 times in contact with water ensures sealing.
    Used during the construction time are very useful in blocking water slides even for transitional purposes while waiting for the specific sealing element to be applied.

Iride Bitusave

Iride Water Joint plus