• IRIDE waterproofing and complementary since 1968


    Iride srl was born in 1984 as a development of the existing Iride Gabriele, founded in 1968 by the hands of Gabriele Iride, who started his artisan work career in the world of construction with both private and public works, after joining the Albo Nazionale Costruttori, specializing in waterproofing, but always distinguishing for the use of primary materials and skilled operators and technicians, achieving category awards over the years.
    The growing market demands and the consequent development of the company have equired over the years the recruitment of new professionals and the establishment in the new office inaugurated in 2006, proposing also the wholesale and retail distribution of its complementary products.  Iride srl, led by Geometra Giacomo Iride, who maintains its original family spirit, is always characterized by the strong dynamism and constant commitment to research and development, which are fundamental features that allow the company to attend many professional associative realities as well as institutional ones.


    Iride srl operates today in the waterproofing sector, throughout the national and international territory, both for large works and in detail. It employs specialized teams recognized for application techniques by manufacturers, constantly upgraded with qualification attested to current technical standards, composed of  staff directly employed in the company and associate professionals, supporting the activities carried out also on complementary areas to their own, to offer customers not just a product, but a service that solves all possible problems that may arise from initial design consultancy, to the ultimate waterproof system with maintenance programs and custom guarantees.
    Much attention is also paid to the choice of the supplier companies, among which are major names in the national and international scene.
    The personal leadership that directly operates on the yards puts this company, which counts twenty units among employees and collaborators, to a direct approach with the client, avoiding intermediaries, so that they can independently organize the production process without being linked to individual realities for purely commercial purposes.
    Iride srl is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, certified SOA OS8 Class III-bis for € 1,500,000, it fulfills the regular contributions of the National Collective Agreement, is associated with ANCE, present in the Consulta Specializzazioni and participates at the Italian UNI standardization body.
    Iride is also a member of the board of directors of ASSIMP, the Association of Italian Companies of Waterproofing, is a member of the Development Committee and the Technical Committee, making it particularly active on the upgrading of the regulations in force for the category and member of Confindustria Bergamo, Cobaty, BNI and Lia.