1 April 2021
TPO coating

They are waterproof coats in the factory; they are thinner than bituminous ones. 

They have a thickness starting from 1,2mm up to 3mm and are composed of polymers (PVC: polyvinyl chloride; TPO = TPE-O: thermoplastic polyolefins) these as well as the sheaths are armed with polyester mesh to make them more resistant.. The difference of the sheath these sheets are welded together by hot air and these are not glued to the underlying layer but fixed mechanically or ballasted.. This type of waterproofing can be used in different situations:. Flat or inclined roofing. Cladding of tanks and pools. Cladding of vertical walls. Hanging gardens.. Etc...

Among the various advantages of deciding to adopt a coating of this type we have:

Possibility of installation at work with a range of external temperatures from -5 C to 40 C... Dry application..

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